gifts to celebrate your tween's journey


YouNiquely You

Greeting cards and menarche gift boxes to celebrate her new beginnings, affirming she is special and unique

YouNiquely who? You!

Historically, the menstrual cycle has been viewed as a time of secrecy. When asked, many women shy away from discussing their menstrual cycle and events surrounding the beginning of the menstrual. Negative inferences such as "the curse" and "the rag" are used to describe this very natural time in a girl's life. We're here to change that.​

As an educator, I wrote the YouNiquely You curriculum as an innovative way to introduce puberty to girls 9-13 years old to affirm them that they are special and unique. YouNiquely You gives tweens the tools to successfully maneuver through the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that occur when a tween is progressing toward the menarche.