December 10, 2013


To Whom It May Concern:

The YouNiquely You seminar presented by Deandre’ Marshall and her team was absolutely amazing. My daughter participated in this program shortly after starting menses.  We had already had “the talk” but I knew that some questions wouldn’t come until it actually started.  Her attending this seminar was just what was needed.  She was able to ask questions and have them answered professionally, appropriately and without the responder being embarrassed to give the answers.  The information that was obtained in these sessions was far more than I would have thought to address with my daughter.

There were accurate descriptions of what actually happens to the female body during this time. I think that what made it work for my daughter was the small intimate setting.  Because there was such a small group, she was able to be comfortable asking questions even in a room of girls she did not know. I sincerely feel that this is the type of program every girl should take part in before menses or just after beginning. It is unfortunate that too many parents miss the opportunity to get into this information with their daughters. 

Some do it out of ignorance and others out of shame.  With YouNiquely You, those problems are eliminated entirely. It makes it easy for girls to get the information and if there is something left for the parents to answer, Ms. Marshall and her team lets parents know immediately following the seminar if there is a need for further discussion.

My daughter understands thoroughly the workings of her reproductive system. 

I don’t have to worry about her caving in to myths that may be provided from the middle school or high school hallways.  She is informed and can take better care of her body because of it. I sincerely hope that this program can be available to girls everywhere. 

It can help them feel empowered when they know what they should know about their bodies. I recommend it to everyone.



Kimyatta Walker

March 2014


To Whom It May Concern:


If there is anything that has given me a sigh of relief to ease the process of explaining the “Birds and the Bees” to my daughter, it is without a doubt called, “The YouNiquely You” seminar.  The YouNiquely You Seminar, presented by DeAndré Marshall, not only provided an exact depiction of what the “Menses” is, it also continues to assist in my daughter’s growth and hormonal development even after the menses began for her at the tender age of eleven.  And beyond the seminar, DeAndré Marshall continues to provide overwhelming support.


At first, I battled with the thought of initiating a conversation with my daughter about what is going to happen to her body within the next few years.  I had to be more specific and define what part of her body would change and why.  So with that, a lot of questions came from her about the physical, emotional and even the social effects of the hormonal changes she would have to endure. 


The mere existence of the YouNiquely You seminar that my daughter attended quickly diminished the worries and concerns we both had.  It was very difficult for me to accept the thought that my daughter had to go through this and at such a young age.  I was only nine years old when my menstrual cycle arrived and having a daughter of my own definitely changed my point of view and I panicked – it was frightening! 


From the moment we walked into the hotel and registered for the seminar, we were greeted with such welcoming and warm hearts.  DeAndre’s staff was very professional.  The presentation, their uniforms and most unexpectedly, the seminar materials on the table were definitely a surprise.  Everything from the agenda to the materials were so colorful, inviting and appropriate for the occasion.  And to be honest, I didn’t even know there were text books written on the menses.


My daughter was so nervous about discussing something so personal with anyone.  She still had questions she wanted to ask me but felt better knowing that someone else was experiencing the same curiosities.  As soon as registration ended and the seminar was about to begin, all of that anxiety and nervousness faded away.  She felt more comfortable about other girls her age being there and told me she would be okay if I left her there because she was comfortable and a big girl now.  It made me feel like one of the best decisions I ever made for her.


As you can see, I could go on and on about the YouNiquely You seminar and how it helped me and my daughter get through so many unanswered questions about the menses.  It definitely changed my perspective on such a touchy subject that all parents find so much difficulty in initiating and seemingly shy away from.  I would definitely recommend it to all parents of young girls who are approaching or in the midst of that prepubescent stage.  A definite necessity worthwhile!







Clashanté Lyons

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